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VICE News: Bangladesh’s Hijra Pride

Earlier this month, Bangladesh hosted the largest trans pride parade in the nation’s history. The festivities occurred November 10, the one-year anniversary of the government’s decision to recognize hijras — a term that refers to transgender, intersex, eunuch, transvestite, or transsexual members of South Asian societies — as a third gender.
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Lady of Bangladesh’s Rivers

BARISAL, Bangladesh — In southern Bangladesh, the 8-million populated port of Barisal sits along the Kirtankhola River, beckoning those seeking its tranquil hold. Firuza, a sari-draped woman in her mid-40s, lives here, on a bobbing riverboat swelling with all her possessions. As a ferrywoman, Firuza earns an income by rowing boats from dusk to dawn each day, accruing approximately Tk200-300 by nightfall.

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Pakistani Women Face Challenges in Music Industry

This article originally appeared in Global Voices and FreeMuse.org, which has Special Consultative Status with the United Nation‘s Economic and Social Council.

At eighteen, Sara Haider started playing music by herself, singing Islamic songs and then transitioning into Pakistan’s underground rock scene. Without any artists in her family, she trained in classical music at Karachi’s premier music institution (NAPA), but found difficulties navigating the country’s male-dominated industry.

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Madrassas Go Modern

This article was originally printed in The Kathmandu Post, Nepal’s largest-selling English newspaper.

DHANDANAGAR, Nepal — In a maroon-carpeted room, 27 girls sit barefoot on the floor, watching Khadijah Khan, 24, click her way around an Adobe Photoshop file of a red-roofed home next to a placid lake. “Which tool do we use to select an area and make it smaller?” the young teacher asks in Urdu.

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