Karachi’s Water Crisis

Karachi – home to more than 20 million people – is currently meeting just 50% of its total water requirement. In this June 2016 report for the Guardian, I went to Pakistan’s largest city to report on how the globe’s sixth most water-stressed city deals with the water crisis.

Children selling water in Bilal Colony, Karachi

A seller sits on a wooden cart as he sells gallons of water in water-starved areas of Karachi, including Bilal Colony (pictured)

Mofiz Khan stands next to the

Kamran Khan in Orangi Town, which is one of worst-affected areas due to its reliance on Hub Dam (no longer supplies water)

Mofiz Khan 55 years stands in his shop in Orangi Town, Karachi, which is receiving no water from its original water source, the Hub Dam

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